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In today’s challenging environment, we all need an extra blanket of comfort to protect everything for which we work so hard. That blanket does not just consist of randomly selected products and services. Rather, it needs to be woven together with strong and lasting threads consisting of service, commitment, and most importantly, people.

At Able Insurance Group, we understand that when your life has been impacted by unforeseen challenges, you need to be covered immediately by a team of experienced professionals who can make all the difference in your time of need. As one of Canada’s leading insurance Group, we have provided differentiated service for almost 20 years and are prepared to cover you with a secure and friendly blanket when needed.

Able Insurance Group is sited centrally in Mississauga, engulfing 6500sqft of space and employing over 50 team members. Our successfully established office in Ontario and Alberta has the innovative technology to uphold a large client base. Our team is fully equipped with latest technologies in order to provide our administrators with the utmost privilege, in turn, helping our clients achieve their financial goals.


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