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business group insurance
11 JUN 2013   -   Posted by admin -   In Announcement -   2 Comments



Business insurance is not just for a big business - it can be for your home business. We offer a comprehensive range of group benefit plans including:
* Group Life Insurance
* Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
* Short-Term Disability Insurance
* Long-Term Disability Insurance
* Extended Health Care Prescription Drug Coverage
* Emergency Travel Insurance
* Dental Care Group RRSPs
* Deferred Profit Sharing Plans
* Pension Plans

  • Group insurance benefits represent a significant financial obligation to the plan sponsor while playing an important role, alongside government-sponsored benefit programs, in providing for the well-being of employees and their families. We appreciate that each plan sponsor has unique objectives. Recognizing this diversity, we strive to find creative and flexible solutions and are committed to ensuring that plan sponsors get the best value for their benefit dollar. Looking for information on group benefits or thinking about implementing a benefit plan? We make truly objective recommendations to our clients that put their needs first.

    We can help you in
    •Needs analysis
    •Plan design
    •Plan implementation
    •Administrative support
    •Claims resolution
    •Renewal rate analysis
    •Cost containment
    •Plan marketing


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