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During one's working career, there are often financial and family commitments which must be maintained. In the event of a disability, one is unable to work and income is at risk.Do you think that social security would cover you? Think again. The benefits are notoriously limited. And the majority of social security disability claims each year are turned down.

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Workers Compensation only kicks in if you are hurt on the job. Your chances of being hurt when you are playing weekend sports are higher than your chance of being hurt on the job. Think disability insurance. Disability income insurance is a contract with an insurance company under which, in exchange for your payment of regular premiums, the insurance company will pay a portion of your income in the event that you are unable to work owing to a disability (as defined in the contract). Disability income insurance is not designed to replace the need for emergency cash savings. Generally, disability income insurance requires a waiting period between the onset of a disability and the time the benefits begin. This type of insurance is not designed to replace 100% of your income, so it will likely be necessary to supplement your disability benefits by cutting back on spending and using stored cash reserves. Disability insurance varies widely. Some features of the disability insurance policy may add value for you - or may not. You need an expert advisor for a right solution. •What's in a Disability Insurance Policy? •Which policy should be taken - Short Term Or Long Term ? •How Much Will Disability Insurance Cost ? •How Can I Reduce the Cost of Disability Insurance? •How Much Disability Insurance Benefit Do I Get ? •How Long is the Disability Benefit period ? Let us help you in achieving more.


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