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Named Peril:

Peril specifically mentioned as covered in an insurance policy.


Non-Admitted Company (Carrier):

An insurance company not licensed to do business in the state in question.


Non-Admitted Insurer:

Insurers licensed in some states, but not others. States where an insurer is not licensed call that insurer non-admitted. They sell coverage that is unavailable from licensed insurers within the state.


No-Fault Automobile Insurance:

A form of insurance by which a person’s financial losses resulting from an automobile accident, such as medical and hospital expenses and loss of income, are paid by his/her own insurance company without concern for who was at fault. The right to sue may be restricted in some cases.


Non-Forfeiture Options:

The choices available to an insured as to how the cost value of a life insurance policy will be received—as a lump-sum payment, as extended term insurance, or as reduced paid-up life insurance. These options guarantee that the cash value will not be forfeited by the insured.


Non-Participating Insurance:

See Guaranteed Cost Insurance.


No-Pay, No Play:

The idea that people who don’t buy coverage should not receive benefits. Prohibits uninsured drivers from collecting damages from insured drivers. In most states with this law, uninsured drivers may not sue for noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering. In other states, uninsured drivers are required to pay the equivalent of a large deductible ($10,000) before they can sue for property damages and another large deductible before they can sue for bodily harm.


Notice of Loss:

A written notice required by insurance companies immediately after an accident or other loss. Part of the standard provisions defining a policy­holder’s responsibilities after a loss.


Nuclear Insurance:

Covers operators of nuclear reactors and other facilities for liability and property damage in the case of a nuclear accident and involves both private insurers and the federal government.


Nursing Home Insurance:

A form of long-term care policy that covers a policyholder’s stay in a nursing facility.



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