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A person, firm, corporation or government agency protected by a surety bond.


Occupational Disease:

Abnormal condition or illness caused by factors associated with the workplace. Like occupational injuries, this is covered by workers compen¬≠sation policies. (See Workers’ Compensation.)


Occupational Hazard:

Dangers inherent in an occupation which increase the risk of sickness or injury.


Occurrence Policy:

Insurance that pays claims arising out of incidents that occur during the policy term, even if they are filed many years later. (See Claims-Made Policy.)


Ocean Marine Insurance:

Coverage of all types of vessels and watercraft, for property damage to the vessel and cargo, including such risks as piracy and the jettisoning of cargo to save the property of others. Coverage for marine-related liabilities. War is excluded from basic policies, but can be bought back.


Omnibus Clause:

An automobile policy provision that covers persons driving the named insured’s auto with the named insured’s permission.


Open Competition States:

States where insurance companies can set new rates without prior approval, although the state’s commissioner can disallow them if they are not reasonable and adequate or are discriminatory.


Operating Expenses:

The cost of maintaining a business’ property, includes insurance, property taxes, utilities and rent, but excludes income tax, depreciation and other financing expenses.



Contracts that allow, but do not oblige, the buying or selling of property or assets at a certain date at a set price.


Ordinance of Law Coverage:

Endorsement to a property policy, including homeowners, that pays for the extra expense of rebuilding to comply with ordinances or laws, often building codes, that did not exist when the building was originally built. For example, a building severely damaged in a hurricane may have to be elevated above the flood line when it is rebuilt. This endorsement would cover part of the additional cost.


Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts (OEM):

Sheet metal auto parts made by the manufacturer of the vehicle. (See Generic Auto Parts.)


Other Than Collision Coverage:

See Comprehensive Automobile Insurance.



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